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Display Photos on Your TV With Chromecast

or display anything on your TV actually, from your Mac or PC.

When I first got Google’s gadget (it only just came out in The Netherlands), I was a bit underwhelmed. Google’s vision for it seems to be that all content should be available online and that your mobile phone or tablet is the primary input device. This means that streaming photos, videos or audio from your Mac or PC is not as easy as it sounds.

Creating an Alfred 2 Workflow With Ruby

Alfred is a tool that I use literally dozens of times a day. Every time I launch an app, clone a git repo, search on Google et cetera. It’s a productivity tool like no other. One of its coolest features is the ability to create your own productivity boosters, by making (and sharing) ‘workflows’.

I recently made a workflow that adds keyboard controls to Reign, the Spotify remote that works on any device with a browser.

Reign for Spotify Alfred 2 WorkflowReign for Spotify Alfred 2 Workflow

As Alfred’s own documentation can be somewhat lacking around workflows, I thought I’d share my experience. As such, this is by no means a definitive guide, just some things I learned in the process.

Tracking Knowledge Base Articles With Google Analytics

Basic analytics these days: put Google’s Javascript snippet on your website and you’re pretty much set. Every visit gets logged. But what if you want to track something specific? This is by no means an article on super advanced Google Analytics Wizardry, but a short recount of how I took the time to make Google Analytics work for me, and people using my apps.

Xbox One Controller

Not sure if I’m alone in this, but the thing I look forward the most with every new game console is the control pad. Of all the parts it’s obviously the part that I’ll be touching the most.

Oculus Rift

Resisted the Kickstarter, but the videos that were released this week were just too damn mind blowing. I pre-ordered the dev kit.

Bought It

Like I mentioned earlier I was looking into buying a computer. During the Christmas holiday (smart move, not) I decided to actually place the order. The components arrived last friday.

No More Xbox Live

My Xbox Live subscription expired this week. The 6th of December to be precise. Unlike many years before I didn’t even look into renewing it this time.